• Lifestyle Reset & Detox Program

    Our Lifestyle Reset & Detox Programs help reverse chronic conditions so you can regain control of your health.

    Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

    Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

    Mold Illness

    Digestive Disorders

    Adrenal Fatigue

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Hormone Imbalances

    Female Health Issues

    Panic Attacks

    Weight Issues

    Autoimmune Conditions






    Pre-Mature Aging

    Chronic or Acute Pain


    Heart Conditions



  • Are you ready to feel better?

    We help people heal from chronic health conditions and get their lives back.
    We work with individuals who are tired of suffering and are ready to embrace new lifestyle habits that will keep them feeling amazing for years to come.

    If you've tried everything and nothing has worked for you, let this be the beginning of your healing journey.

  • Here's how we do it.


    We don't just guess – we test. It's important to understand why you're not feeling well and why what you've tried in the past hasn't worked.


    • Run functional lab testing to look for any underlying causes of illness

    • Assess current lifestyle and daily habits that might be keeping you stuck

    • We discover which of the five pillars of health you've been missing all along


    We start with removing the things that are keeping you sick and establish a strong foundation for health.


    We teach you...

    • How to read labels

    • What's actually in your food and why it's making you sick

    • How to eliminate unhealthy and inflammatory foods

    • Gut-healing protocols

    • How to optimize your home for health and safety

    • Baby steps to help keep you from feeling overwhelmed

    • How to establish healthier habits that help you heal and create lasting change


    We teach you how to remove toxicity from your body and your life.


    • Safely detoxify the gut and liver

    • Restoring the body's optimal function to eliminate toxicity on a daily basis

    • Supplements that facilitate safe detox

    • Laying the groundwork for hormone balance and healthy immune function

    • Establish healthy habits and letting go of what no longer serves you


    ​We specifically tailor each program to your needs in order to rebuild your health from the ground up and help you maintain your health for years to come.


    • Guidelines for healthy eating and living

    • Balance hormones

    • Restore optimal adrenal and thyroid function

    • Replenishing lost nutrients

    • Establishing a healthy mindset

    • Providing the foundation and education to be your own health advocate

    • Teaching you how to live a clean, healthy, and toxin-free life

  • Reclaim your health

    We can help you feel like you again.

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